SCARLETT SCORCHER! … Tasteful Stingray Blazes With Big-Block Power — VIDEO

Stock is hot these days. While some car builders let it all hang out with track-ready pro-touring killers, other guys are making their extensively-modified machines look close to factory original. This ‘67 Corvette built by Jimmy Shine is a great example of that trend.

Shine is best known for building old-school, traditional hot rods — hopped up 1920s and ‘30s iron. But every once in a while, he ventures into the world of somewhat more modern cars at the behest of a good customer.

In this particular case, Jimmy’s patron started with a beautifully restored ‘67 Corvette that had a 454 big block in it. He came to Jimmy because of Shine’s reputation for building cars that masterfully integrate vintage details with factory-stock appearance.

But when Jimmy and the owner took the car for a drive, Jimmy was a little surprised that he would even want him to modify the beautiful machine. Nonetheless, Shine says this gentleman had a very strong, specific vision in mind.

Central to this vision was the engine. Although the 454 big block that was in the car certainly had decent power, the new owner was looking for something more. Working together, they came up with a 502ci Gen-5 crate big block that produces around 500 horsepower and 600 lb ft. of torque.

Feeding the engine is a Holley Sniper self-tuning EFI system, in a gold finish emulating that of the classic Holley 4150 four-barrel. Exhaust gases are expended by a wild custom header system that flows directly into 1960s-style sidepipes. Rounding out the engine bay’s vintage vibe, the block is painted classic Chevy orange and dressed up with OEM type chrome accessories to give the appearance of an original ‘67 427.

Backing this tasty powerplant is a modern Tremec 5-speed manual transmission. The car originally had a 4-speed, but the owner wanted to update that too. To complete the package, a full Ridetech suspension system was installed, topped with vintage looking aluminum Halibrand style wheels with actual knockoffs.

In this video, Shawn Davis from Autotopia talks with Jimmy Shine, who brings his usual lighthearted, energetic style to the conversation. Then Shawn and the owner go for a spirited drive, in which the car’s performance is shown off to its fullest, much to Davis’s delight.

—David Bellm