CONE CRUSHERS … Classic Musclecars Show Off at NMCA West Autocross — VIDEO

Autocross is big these days. Throughout the country, cones are being set up, lines are being drawn, and parking lots are being scuffed with gigantic black marks. And a big part of this scene are classic musclecars, as the pro-touring movement continues to gain momentum.

A lot of musclecar owners are taking these vintage machines, updating them with newer stuff, hitting the course, and flogging them within an inch of their life. It’s also great for spectators because you get to see these cars all-out in a setting that’s different than drag racing, but still emphasizes performance.

And the machines themselves are really cool. The typical pro-touring car keeps much of the look of an original musclecar, while adding some nice, subtle body touches to it and lowering them to full-on classic Trans-Am-race style wickedness.

Of course, underhood things get pretty crazy too. Most of these cars are built up with well over 400-500 horsepower. Complementing all that power is the audio feast that goes with it. These cars sound delicious.

One of the things that’s fueling this movement are the many chassis and suspension kits available for these cars. Just about any car you can imagine has a suspension kit available to upgrade it to modern, high-performance underpinnings. And if there isn’t a kit offered, a lot of companies will even make a custom setup for you if you need.

This ready availability of components has created quite a boom in the number of pro-touring cars being built. And that only makes sense. Let’s face it, nobody really loves the way classic ‘60s and ‘70s muscle cars handle and brake. Back in the day, they were fine, of course. We really didn’t know better. But as years went on, we discovered that cars could indeed brake and handle better.

At the same time, nobody can deny what a visceral delight the visual design of these cars are. Now, with performance suspension kits, you can have the best of both worlds. You can keep that original musclecar style and have a car that’ll keep up with some of today’s best performance machines.

In fact, one of the vintage Mustangs at this particular autocross kept up with a contemporary Porsche 911, knocking out lap times just fractions of a second slower. It just goes to show how far pro-touring cars have really come in terms of raw, quantifiable capability, brought on largely through extensive development by chassis companies.

One of those chassis companies, Total Cost Involved (TCI), is very active in the autocross scene as a means of developing its products, promoting them, and staying in touch with its audience. To that end, TCI brought several of its development cars to this particular event and showed off their capabilities where it really counts.

The result was a treat for anybody who likes vintage musclecars. This particular video shows these cars off to their fullest, with lots of great high-definition footage, a terrific soundtrack, and some nice in-car footage. Enjoy!

David Bellm